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Top ‘Wentworth’ Ships Ranked!

Shippers. The Internet is full of them. And if you’ve been a passionate viewer of any show, then you know that shipping is an integral part of the whole fandom experience. Foxtel’s Wentworth is home to some of the most interesting and complex relationships on television (or Netflix, if you’re in America). From true love and friendship to mind games and manipulation, the characters on this show run the gamut of romantic and platonic emotions.

Since there are so many pairings to love and hate on Wentworth, we polled over 200 fans to find out which ships topped their lists. Here are the results (spoilers ahead):

1. Bea Smith and Allie Novak

Image Credit: Foxtel

In the darkness of Wentworth’s fourth season, the relationship between Bea and Allie was a bright light for many. This coupling marked a new turning point for Bea and fans were overjoyed to see her finally find true love. #Ballie and seahorses for the win!

2. Maxine Conway and Boomer Jenkins

Image Credit: Foxtel

If we had to sum up this ship, we’d probably say something like: Maxine Conway is to Boomer Jenkins as peanut butter is to jelly. They just go together. Their friendship is arguably the purest one on Wentworth and each episode they show viewers just how much we all stand to gain from a little bit of love and compassion.

3. Bea Smith and Franky Doyle

Image Credit: Foxtel

As one fan put it, these two went from enemies to best mates and won everyone over with their sweet friendship. What started out as a battle for Wentworth’s Top Dog became one of the most important alliances on the show.

4. Franky Doyle and Bridget Westfall

Image Credit: Foxtel

All Franky really wanted in life was a hot girl in a hot car. And thanks to Bridget, she finally got one. While the relationship got off to a rocky (and taboo) start, Franky and Bridget eventually managed to strike a happy and satisfying balance.

5. Will Jackson and Bea Smith

Image Credit: Foxtel

For Bea, Will Jackson has been a mainstay for the entirety of her time in prison. He’s helped her grieve, made sure she’s stayed safe, and quietly understood why she’s made difficult decisions–all without an ounce of judgment.

6. Franky Doyle and Boomer Jenkins

Image Credit: Foxtel

Katrina Milosevic, who plays Boomer, once said that her character would die for Franky. In many ways, Boomer finds her own sense of strength and confidence by doing Franky’s dirty work. But this prison sisterhood isn’t all one-sided–Franky loves Booms just as much.

7. Joan Ferguson and Vera Bennett

Image Credit: Foxtel

How does one describe this weird and wonderful pairing? Height differences, power buns, manipulation. Their relationship is chock-full of subtext and Svengali-like machinations.  At their cores, Joan and Vera are two sides of the same coin…they just don’t like to acknowledge it.

Honorable Mentions
Many of the following ships got only a handful of votes in our polls. As for the others listed here, let’s just say there’s definitely some fan discussion happening on social media.

Kaz and Allie
Bea and Maxine
Vera and Fletch
Joan and Kaz
Joan and Bea (#QueenFreak)
Will and Jake

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