Trailer for ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Will Make You Cry

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

Friday was National Dog Day, and so many of us have a beloved pup, or 2 or 3, or 7! The sad reality about pet ownership is that their lives are much shorter than human lives. You know that someday, you will lose them. When this happens we hear a lot of different phrases to help us cope. “He had a good life.” “He crossed over the rainbow bridge.” “You’ll always remember the fun you had.”

I just made myself sad writing that!

The new trailer for A Dog’s Purpose gives us a whole new view on what happens to dogs when they “cross over the rainbow bridge.” Is that soul of your best friend actually gone? Or was he here for some other worldly purpose, only to take what he learned and re apply it-in a another life?

This may make you feel A LOT better about losing your best friend!

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