Stephen King’s ‘It’: First Look at ‘Shakespearean’ Pennywise

Entertainment Weekly

We have had a sneak peek of Pennywise from the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s It, but now we get the whole clown.

Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgård, feeds on the fear of children, and in this remake of the classic film, looks quite bleak.

Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly

In the past, Pennywise has been more colorful at times, but director Andy Muschetti is taking him in a different direction it seems.

pennywise rainbow

The costume designer for the project is Janie Bryant, who had previously worked on Deadwood and Mad Men. The new Pennywise looks like something out of the 18th century with that ruffle collar.

What’s scarier than a goofy rainbow clown? A clown that looks like it could have time traveled back from one of our Shakespearean history books.

Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly

Check out that hair!! And that receding hairline!! What do you think of the new It?


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