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Sarah Paulson to Return for Sixth Season of ‘American Horror Story’

It looks like the inimitable Miss Sarah Paulson will be returning for the much anticipated sixth season of American Horror Story.  

While we don’t yet know what the theme of this new season will be, Paulson did give fans one huge clue about the kind of character she’ll be playing:

With little more than a month to go before the new season premieres, fans are more anxious than ever to know what they should expect from AHS come September 14th. So far, we’ve seen this:

Courtesy of FX
Courtesy of FX

And this:

Courtesy of FX
Courtesy of FX

And now FX has graciously provided fans with an even more perplexing preview of what’s to come. Have a look:

Do you have any guesses for what we’ve got coming our way, AHS fans?

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