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‘Arrow’ Star John Barrowman Meets the Most Adorable Magikarp

Magikarp is not a Pokémon that’s getting a lot of love these days.  There’s even a Magikarp song which talks about how weak and useless this poor guy is within the game Pokémon Go.

This past weekend, however, Magikarp used an attack of total cuteness to completely defeat its opponent, in this case, John Barrowman.

This little Magikarp cosplayer met Barrowman during Comic Con Honolulu.  Barrowman, who showed off some of his best cosplay last month at San Diego Comic Con, just couldn’t resist the cuteness.

Mock Magikarp all you want but, this baby pretty much won all of Comic Con Honolulu.  Check out the adorable photos below.

Photo: @ishii_nattouya via Buzzfeed
Photo: @ishii_nattouya via Buzzfeed
Photo: Twitter: @Team_Barrowman via Buzzfeed
Photo: Twitter: @Team_Barrowman via Buzzfeed
Photo: @ishii_nattouya via Buzzfeed
Photo: @ishii_nattouya via Buzzfeed


Source: Buzzfeed

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