Music Video For Pearl Lion’s Big Sky Features Stunning Images

Dan Huiting

Jared Scharff and his own band Pearl Lion released a music video recently that features some pretty stunning visuals.

Pearl Lion is Jared Scharff, who plays multiple instruments and writes his songs. He is known for his work as long-time guitarist on Saturday Night Live and has been featured by Rolling Stone, AV Club, Noisey, Relix and more.

The visuals in the Big Sky video were captured by Dan Huiting, noted for his work with Bon Iver and City of Music.

Huiting was sent the song and brought his vision to life in the photos featured in the majestic video.

Dan Huiting
Dan Huiting
Dan Huiting
Dan Huiting

They include landscapes from the Southwest: the Bonneville salt flats and Zion National Park in Utah; Antelope Canyon and Joshua Tree National Park in Arizona; Mohave Desert in California; and abandoned houses along Route 66 in Texas.

Big Sky indeed. Take a peek at some beautiful things that fall under that sky in the music video below!

Pearl Lion (way different than Snoop Lion), is set to release two mini-albums later in the year, titled Dark and Light respectively. Kind of brilliant! They will both represent their titles, with one portraying more darker mysterious tones and the other a lighter soundscape.


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