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‘Futurama’ is Back, Sort of

Futurama has been an extremely successful sibling to The Simpsons. Although unlike The Simpsons it was sadly canceled by comedy central probably due to the waning popularity of the show as its original fan base gets older. While Netflix is rumored to be a potential destination for the show although some fans have taken it into their own hands. A new production/spinoff by the name of Fan-O-Rama is going to be released during this summer, in fact the trailer just came out and looks creepy but promising.

I am personally a huge Futurama fan ,but I honestly doubt the series will come back especially considering that Comedy Central can use The Simpsons which is undoubtedly a more popular franchise/series. In my opinion the only hope of reviving this series would be for a company like Hulu or Netflix to strike a deal with comedy central but I find it very unlikely considering that many people feel Futurama is past its sell by date and it simply would not get as much attention as a series such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead etc.

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