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The New Season of Orange is the New Black is Insane


If you have not seen the current season of Orange is the New Black, STOP! Do not read ahead! Unless you like spoilers.



This tweet exactly explains Season 4 of Orange is the New Black



This entire season was insane!!!! Lets recap;

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

Crazy Eyes A.K.A. Susan finds a girl, that she is head over heals for. But, she soon realizes that she is way to insane for her. Too crazy for Crazy Eyes, that says something.

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

Alex is almost murdered by a guy named Aydin in the drug cartel posing as a guard when Lolly walks in and saves her butt by killing him. Only, Alex later finds out in the middle of the night that the guard is still alive and has to “finish him.”

Only to learn, that the next day that to hide the body the right way without getting caught they have to chop up the body and hide it in the garden. (Disgusting)

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

Lolly, crazy as she is starts having a mental breakdown in fear that the NSA, CIA etc. is going to find out that they killed the guard. Sam sees Lolly is having a breakdown and realizes that Lolly is exactly like Sams mother and he wants to help her. Sam convinces Lolly that the guy she killed did not really happen and was only in her imagination.

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

I can say this about Piper getting shut down “Priceless.” Her charm can’t work on everyone. I don’t really have a liking to her anymore.

They start digging up the garden and they find Aydin’s hand and they have to stop the construction project. Lolly realizes that she actually did kill Aydin and she has a breakdown and goes into her time machine. Sam, who tried everything he could to fix her, realizes he has failed her and drops her off in the psych ward.

So much happened in this season, from fights to murders, to deaths. I wont say what happened in the last couple episodes because it was insane. If you haven’t seen Orange is the New Black yet, but decided to read this cause you love spoilers, you will just have to go and watch the last couple episodes.

It has just been a crazy season but unfortunately we have to wait an entire year for the new season. And this is the first time the show has ended in a cliff hanger.

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