Hanson Performs MMMBop Almost 20 Years Later on ‘Greatest Hits’

A brand new show on ABC called Greatest Hits brings classic songs and their artists up on the stage to perform them decades later. Artists will perform classic hits with artists who are hitting the charts nowadays and sing one classic song alone. Everyone’s favorite band of brothers from the 90’s were on Greatest Hits last night and sang their Grammy-nominated single MMMBop.

I have to say, Hanson sounds AMAZING. Their vocals have never been better and I can’t stop listening. I wish Hanson was still topping the charts but they’re still making a lot of great new music so if you want to take a listen check them out on iTunes or Spotify! Check out their flawless acoustic performance of MMMBop below! Bring on the nostalgia!

You can catch Greatest Hits on ABC  Thursdays at 9!

Photo: Byron Cohen/ABC


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