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Akame Ga Kill – Anime’s Game of Thrones

There is no new Game of Thrones episode this Sunday.

It’s hard to admit, I know.

Looking for something to watch that will at least remind you of Game of Thrones? Something with murder, intrigue, and more grey than black and white? Well, Akame Ga Kill will give you a taste of that action.

And slapstick comedy to boot. Why? Because it’s an anime.

Young Tatsumi sets out from his village seeking fame and fortune, hoping to meet his friends in the Capital. Upon reaching the Capital, he meets a stranger who promises to help him – but takes all his money. Penniless, Tatsumi roams the streets until a kind young wealthy girl takes him in. For a while, it seems that Tatsumi’s luck has improved, until the family is assassinated in the night. Horrified, Tatsumi flees with the young girl, only to discover a dark secret lurking on the family’s property.  Behind this noble family’s mask is an evil that coats everything in blood, and Tatsumi just narrowly avoided it.

Quite possibly the darkest and most disturbing twist I’ve ever seen.

As a result of seeing that dark nightmare, Tatsumi joins the assassin group Night Raid in their mission to overthrow the Capital. Turns out the Capital’s government is rotten to the core. A young boy is in charge, and he resembles Joffrey more than Tommen. Change is desperately needed, but can it come from inside the government? or are more desperate measures necessary? Like Arya who struggles with the intentions and nature of the Faceless men, Tatsumi struggles with the ethical nature of assassinations as he witnesses the war from both sides of the conflict. The government has a elite force to deal with Night Raid, and some of them have pure intentions for changing the “status quo” in the Capital. Tatsumi witnesses them first hand and becomes conflicted. Will he stick with Night Raid?

Tune in to Akame Ga Kill and follow the adventures of Tatsumi and his friends as they slit throats and work to overthrow the corrupt government. As a word of warning, don’t get too attached to anyone. Noone is safe, and noone gets a resurrection.

The complete series is streaming on Crunchyroll.


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