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Fans petition to save ‘Agent Carter’

Earlier this week, ABC
announced that it would be canceling the TV
series Agent Carter.
This news was extremely
disappointing to some
fans, including myself. Following this news fans began
posting on social media,

begging someone to pick up the series and give it a second life

A fan has even
recently started a petition, asking Netflix bring back the Marvel show for a third

season. The petition

Agent Carter was a show who united a
lot of people,
just for Peggy. Her fandom is
really united, we all love Peggy.
Her series has been canceled, but we can
bring her to


Hayley Attwell’s ‘Agent Carter’
much acclaim over its two
seasons, but after struggling with ratings, the show
wound up being
cancelled last week. Netflix would be a
perfect new home
for Agent Carter, as the streaming service is host
to six different
Marvel TV

The petition is hoping for 35,000 signatures and as
article is being typed, they are
currently at 26,648 signatures.

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