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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Manhunter’

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Supergirl Preview ‘Manhunter’

Time to find out what happened when J’onn became Hank Henshaw.


Kara is dealing with the after effects of her Red Krypton-induced evil spree. Nobody in National City trusts Supergirl anymore. It will be interesting to see how Kara handles this and what she decides to do in order to win the city back. The end of the promo has her flying off to do something.

Also in the promo, Siobhan expresses to Winn her utter hate for Kara. It’s interesting that Siobhan has decided to keep up her relationship with him since she never really seemed to care that much. Maybe it’s just that Winn wouldn’t leave her alone until he knew that she was okay following her termination from CatCo. I think/hope that this week we will finally get the Silver Banshee transformation. I’m super excited for that.

This episode will also show J’onn’s Earth backstory and his time with Kara’s father, Jeremiah.


This sneak peak has an encounter between the two where J’onn reveals just what happened to the rest of his race. Jeremiah mentions Kara, saying that she is just like J’onn. Just from that minute clip, I already like the dynamic between the two characters. That will make Jeremiah’s death even more heartfelt.

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