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Cosplay Feature: Macy Rose

I first met Macy Rose on
Facebook in 2014 when I saw her Beth Greene
(The Walking Dead) cosplay. She
was perfect for a Walking Dead
parody that I
was working on so I pitched the project to her. She accepted
a role in the
video and we
met for the first time at Walker
Stalker Con
San Francisco in

February of 2015. That parody, “Kill
“, was released
one year ago today so it only made sense to feature

Check out
my interview with Macy along with
some of her favorite

HSJ: I first met you through your Beth
cosplay. What inspired
you to create that costume?

Beth Greene has always been
one of my favorite characters from one of the
best shows ever, The Walking Dead!

I’ve been a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead since season one first aired. I was

first inspired to cosplay
Beth Greene in Season 4, episode 12, “Still”, when
Beth and everyone’s
favorite walker killer, Daryl, started
developing a sweet
relationship (BETHYL!!) I was so happy to see that she
could help Daryl put his
behind him and bring out the feels in him. Her sweetness and innocence

balanced out his toughness
beautifully. <3

Photo By 
Doug Stidham Photography
Photo By
Doug Stidham

HSJ: Today marks the 1 year
anniversary of
the release
for the “Kill Em Off” parody that we starred in together. You
played Beth
Greene in a Taylor Swift style.
What was that experience

MACY: Making Kill ‘Em Off was such an

exciting experience!! I was
totally immersed into the world of the Walking Dead
while we were filming-
surrounded by some of the most
talented Walking Dead
cosplayers, running away from Walkers, and even
portraying Beth’s death scene.
WERE the Walking Dead! Putting a T-Swizzle twist on such a serious show was

so fun! It’s not everyday you see
Maggie, Carol, and Beth shakin’ it off! Kill
‘Em Off brought so many people
together who share our common
obsession and
passion for TWD. I made so many awesome new friends through
it, including you,
RomeyRo Films, and The
Reel Guise

HSJ: Emily Kinney (Beth Greene in
has seen your costume before. What
was her reaction?

MACY: Emily Kinney
is so
sweet! The first time I met her was at Walker Stalker
San Francisco at her
autograph booth. I’ll never forget her reaction when it
was finally my turn to
up to her. I remember her smiling so big when she saw me and told me how

good my outfit was. The only thing I
could think of was, “Is this real life?”!
And just when I thought it
couldn’t get any better, Emily took out
her phone to
take a picture of… ME! I fangirled so hard!!

Photo By Tonya Howell
Photo By Tonya

HSJ: Let’s
transition to a
different platinum
blonde character. Talk to me about your love for Daenerys


MACY: The Mother of
Dragons! I honestly don’t
even know where to start with this question.
Daenerys is my favorite character

of all time! I admire her in many ways. She started off in the series as
timid and powerless, with
nothing and is now one of the most threatening and
powerful queens in
Westeros! (And she managed to pick up
some DRAGONS along the
way!) Talk about a badass!! She has overcame many
hard things in her life with

strength and determination, but still carries a gentle heart. Dany has
against all odds to
become a Khaleesi and the Mother of Dragons, she is the true
embodiment of
girl power.

Photo By 
Manny Llanura
Photo By

I’ve always been a big Spider-Man fan
and we’ve yet to see Black Cat on
the big screen. After seeing you
as Black
Cat, I think you should be considered for the role!

MACY: Aww, thank you Hacksaw!
That would
be amazing! (Marvel, are you
seeing this?!) 😉 I was super bummed
Black Cat wasn’t a part of The Amazing
Spider-Man movies. Hopefully she
will be
in the upcoming Spider-Man film that’s expected to release in


Photo By John Haas 

Photo By John Haas


HSJ: You’re obviously a
gamer so let’s talk
about Maya.
You basically look animated! What is the makeup process


MACY: My Maya the Siren
cosplay was
definitely the most
fun and challenging cosplay of mine to make! I came across
so many new
obstacles with the making of her
outfit and her Tediore (gun) which
made the process a fun journey!
Borderlands is one of my most favorite
games to
play because of the awesome art-style the world and characters are
made with,
called ‘cel-
shading.’ I have an artistic background and I knew cosplaying her
bring out my artsy side being that my
whole outfit is hand-painted. Maya’s
makeup is about a 3 1/2 hour process
including her tattoos and face
makeup. I
was lucky to find her tattoo stencils off Etsy and use those to
cover my arm,
hand and part of
chest before painting on the tatts. This process would’ve
almost been
impossible w/out my mom’s help! The
tattoos are so detailed! I used
bold colored makeup and a black liquid
eyeliner to make all the tiny lines
make me look cel-shaded. It’s a very long and detailed cosplay to get
ready in
but totally worth it
when I feel like a
By Francous
Photo By
Photo By Debshots 
HSJ: I’m only about 75 hours into
(lol) so I’ll admit I may
have missed Forsworn. What inspired you to try that


MACY: Look in the highlands
of the Reach!
Let’s be real,
the Forsworn probably have the cutest costumes in the game! 😉
Haha. I had
been wanting to cosplay from
Skyrim for a really long time, that’s
probably the game I’ve put the most
time into. I love getting lost in
the world
of magic, dragons, and elves! If I had to live in a game forever,
I’d pick
Skyrim! I chose to
cosplay the Forsworn because I love their fierceness. I love
cosplays that I
can get dirty and bloody for.
Forsworn are quite accurate bowman
and I’m a big fan of archery in game and
in real


Photo By Tonya Howell
Photo By Tonya


HSJ: What costumes are


Currently I have two new costumes in
the works! I’ve been working on my
Black Widow (Winter Soldier) that’s
complete. I’m very excited to cosplay her because my boyfriend will
be teaming
up with me as
Captain America! I’m also starting a new costume that I’m sorta
keeping a
surprise! I’m really eager to make
this one because this is my first
armor build, I can’t wait to show you all
when it’s


HSJ: What cons are on your


MACY: I’m always adding Cons as they get

closer but so far these are
my upcoming Cons!

Valley Comic Con
, San Jose,
March 18-
Heroes and Villains Fanfest,
Jose, Aug. 27-
Sinister Creature Con,

Sacramento, October 15-16 (not
in cosplay)

Comikaze Expo,
Los Angeles, October
To follow
Rose on social media,
be sure to check out these links!
Instagram Facebook Twitter

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