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‘Teen Wolf’ Preview ‘Apotheosis’

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Teen Wolf Preview ‘Apotheosis’

Everyone is in danger on the season finale of Teen Wolf.


The Desert Wolf is after Malia, Lydia gets attacked, Parrish is on the move, and Sebastian is on a rampage. Nobody is safe and as I have said before, I think we are going to lose a member of Team Wolf.

Stiles is the likely choice because Dylan O’Brien has not signed on for season 6. He could be killed off, or he will go the way of Jackson and Isaac and just move away from Beacon Hills. I feel like that would be too easy of a solution. If Stiles is going to be killed, he is going to go out with a bang saving all of his friends.

The big question on everyone’s mind is if Team Wolf will be able to save Mason. Now that the Beast has remembered its true identity, Mason has been replaced by Sebastian Valet. If there is a possible way to bring back their friend, Team Wolf will do it. I think that when they head to the showdown with the Beast, they will be wary because they don’t want to kill Mason. That will just make everything much more difficult.

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