Stephen Amell Presents His Slammy Award

Image: Skaldic Media

Stephen Amell Presents His Slammy Award at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days

During Stephen Amell’s Q&A panel on Saturday night at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days, WWE’s Stardust appeared to hand over the 2015 Slammy Award for Best Celebrity Moment of the Year that he had stolen from Amell. Stardust crashed the panel in true WWE fashion and then took over the Q&A session, interrupting Amell to answer fan questions.

When it came time to hand over the Slammy, which is being auctioned off with all proceeds benefiting Elijah Mainville, Stardust did as promised, but then threw water all over Amell before quickly running off the stage. Stardust’s moderator apologized for the water, but then threw her own cup on him and fled. Amell took it like a champ, even when his cousin Robbie Amell ran up on stage and threw wave of water.

Image: Skaldic Media
Image: Skaldic Media

Check out the full video below!



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