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Heroes: Reborn, “Company Woman” Recap

Thank God. This season is
almost over. On the news that Heroes:
will not be renewed for
a second season I can only
rejoice. On top of
that, we finally got the most boring ending for one of the
most interesting (if
you can
really say that) storylines in the season. Luke burnt Joanne to a crisp.
ended up becoming a pile of
flaming ashes, which is what I imagine Tim Kring
decided to do to the script
every day before filming. Beyond
that, let’s
cover the other big things that happened this

Thing one: we
finally got the
backstory behind Erica Kravid’s hatred of Evos. While tragic, and
making it
somewhat understandable, I still
think it was a major misstep. If you
look at the Wikipedia entry for the
episode it says, “Erica sleeps with
an Evo…”
and all I can say is, “No.” She was raped, by coercion. But what
makes this a
major misstep is
her thinking- one Evo raped me therefore all Evos deserve
death. I can’t
believe someone as smart, uncaring,
and sociopathic would base
her would do that. On top of that, right after
she kills the Evo that rapes her,

Caspar shows up and helps her get rid of the body and clean up the
situation. So
she has evidence that
#NotAllEvos is true- but she still holds that hatred…over
twenty years
later. It’s just a poor attempt at 1)
Making Erica Kravid a
sympathetic villain and 2) An understandable villain.
They should’ve been
up to this over the course of the season, weaving it into the overall

storyline, because a great story needs
a great antagonist. Erica Kravid has
failed that, which in turns makes
Heroes: Reborn worse. It’s so

irritating too.

Thing two: somehow our geography lesson in the
“Return of
the Clones” review
didn’t make it to the production team in time for this
episode. Ever since I
did the math and looked, it
blows my mind that they made
such a huge mistake. I guess it doesn’t matter
since Tommy is a time and space

traveler, but good lord is it irritating. At this point, no one deserves to

live. On top of that, we got
our second best example of writers failing
geography: Matt Parkman somehow
travels from California to Texas
quick, and then figures he can drive back to give his wife and kid
a watch to
travel time. All I
can say is, I’m happy he crashed his car.

Thing three:
I had the
perception that “Company Woman” would
focus on the various women
working as part of this evil corporation,
Renautus. Erica Kravid, Phoebe, and

Joanne. In a way, it did. Sort of. Erica’s backstory got explained. Joanne
in a face-off with her
ex-husband. Phoebe ran away. It’s just everything was
terrible- Erica’s
backstory was shown too late and
written poorly, Joanne just
kind of died without any emotional payoff from
Luke (I really needed a scream

from him), and Phoebe just…she didn’t do anything. And if Phoebe doesn’t
show up
in “Project Reborn” I’ll
be pissed. They should’ve ended her story in this

I’m really feeling the fatigue of
watching a series
that is poorly written, chock full of bad character
development, and boring.
That’s the
worst- Heroes: Reborn is just boring to watch. I watch this
with my
wife and inevitably she pulls her
phone out five to play Candy Crush five
minutes in. She doesn’t do this for
anything but boring shows. That’s
something, especially considering we’re also rewatching the original

Heroes series.

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