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Heroes: Reborn, “Send in the Clones” Recap

Not Miko, no! Well,
actually, I wish they would have let her stay
dead after Hiro came back. I
think she was a fun concept to
have at play in the
series, but she played her part, just let her character
end. It’s like the
loved the idea and couldn’t let it go until she had her revenge on the
big opponent she faced, Harris.
Which was a very interesting fight
scene, mainly because Miko doesn’t know
how to use a pole arm and Harris
armed with a double-headed axe! Because of course! At least Miko ended
him in a
rather interesting
way. Besides the death of a once interesting character and an
OP Evo, other
things did happen.

one: Luke shows off what a bad ace
he is by fending off Harris clones,
knocking out Phoebe, and threatening
into submission. On top of that, he showed true improvement by not
killing the
person who was
responsible for his son’s death. Which means he’s starting to go
too far
into the good guy angle. I really
wish they’d make him anti-hero,
or Chaotic Good, but that would be too much
to write an deeply interesting

character in this show.

Thing two: Micah shows off what a god amongst

digital natives looks like
by sending out a worldwide broadcast from a laptop
that probably couldn’t
play an hour of Runescape. He
showed Erica Kravid’s true
form by revealing an audition by a shapeshifter
for Mohinder Suresh’s terrorist

video. He appealed to everyone in the world to unite, which would be a lot
effective if they weren’t
staring at their cellphones all the time…

three: the first solar
flare is heading to Earth, and
almost all of our main
characters are literally a thousand miles away. Heads
up, writers, if it’s dark

when all these people are driving, and the flare is supposed to hit before
AM, they literally will
not get to where they need to be before the flare hits.
Oh, did I mention the
flare is supposed to wipe out
North America? Because I just
looked up how long it would take to get to
Odessa, TX from Chattanooga, TN (a

distance of approximately 1,136 miles) and it’d take 16 hours to do so.

So, let’s do some math. Sixteen
minus eleven and a half is…four and a half. That
would make it midnight.
Twelve minus four and a half
is…7:30PM. Now then, it is
dark when they’re driving, which means it has to
be after sunset. Now, the

present timeline is some time in June or July, which we can arrive at from
numerous story clues and
plot points. This is during Daylight Saving Time- which
means the clock is
set an hour ahead of when we are
now. Currently, the sun sets
around 6PM in Odessa, TX. That means during
Daylight Saving Time, it would

set around 7PM. Which means the earliest the shot of everyone driving to
could be is 7PM. Which is
impossible because it’s too dark to be right after
sunset. All of this math
has been done to say that the
world is going to burn
and there’s nothing our heroes can do because it’s
geographically impossible for

them to do it in the time they have to travel to where they need to be, but

they’ll still be where they
need to be because the story calls for it.

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