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Heroes: Reborn, “Send in the Clones” Preview

Oh, that’s not good. “11:53
to Odessa” ends with everyone at
Sunstone Manor getting surrounded by Harris
clones. On top of that, Miko and

Tommy/Nathan are together. Also, Ren is somehow still connected to the
what can we expect to see
in the aptly named “Send in the Clones”?

clone carnage! Ha!
Alright, let’s get real. I think Miko
will convince
Tommy/Nathan to be a good guy, like his adoptive father Hiro
Nakamura. They
won’t let the
twin children of Claire Bennet be evil. I hope that something
finally puts
the real Harris in trouble because,
let’s be serious, having a bunch
of clones is extremely over-powered. Like,
why would he even put himself in

trouble? “Oh, there’s something slightly dangerous that I need to do? Let me

send a clone!”

more thing I hope we see: whatever happened to Noah.
He got teleported away,
so I can only hope there’s
someone else doing crazy time
travel things.I am very bored going into the
last three episodes of this
Tim Kring lost his touch a long time ago (in Season 2 of
Heroes) but they
still let him
produce this miniseries. Think of something else that deserved a
much better
budget, like Constantine
or Firefly. Yeah, I’m
still sore about that one.

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