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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Recap ‘AKA Ladies Night’

Jessica Jones is a freelance
detective who has super human powers.
She has super human strength and
limited flight

A couple comes
to Jessica
telling her that their daughter is missing and they need her
help. Hope has quit
the track
team, and told her roommates to sell her stuff for rent. Apparently
she went
to live with her

Its ladies night at the bar,
effective immediately as the
mysterious man makes a case for
Jessica to come
inside. They get to talking and retire to the bedroom. Could
this be Luke


Hope is “going overboard” for her boyfriend. Jessica knows who
is with, thanks to a
messed up flashback of an anniversary dinner. She is with


She needs to get out of New York,
but has no money or friends.
So she goes to Trish and they discuss his death
and that Hope must be going

through what Jessica went through. Trish ultimately decides to give Jessica


She revisits
the hotel and pulls the fire alarm to coax them out
of the room, when no one
leaves the room, she goes in to
find Hope alone. She
refuses to leave so Jessica picks her up over her
shoulders and carries her


Hope is reunited with her parents and all seems well. Until Hope

pulls out a gun and kills
her parents?! Hope is under Kilgrave’s spell and
Jessica is
uncharacteristically afraid. He is bad

This show is dark
and twisted and creepy and I am sold! Krysten
Ritter brings so much complexity

to Jessica, she was made for this part. As a pilot, usually we find all
kinds of
things wrong with a
show, but I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. I am
ready to binge
watch this for the next 11



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