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‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Recap ‘Chaos Theory’

Episode seven opens with May
and Andrew on a beach trying to get
back together. May decides to take a
little time off and we see how
became infected by the terrigen. He was going through Jiaying’s
things to send
them back to
Coulson and set off a type of terrigin trap in her journal. Flash
forward to
the present, Andrew is part of a
conversation between Daisy and
Coulson debating the morality of the ATCU’s
storage of Inhumans. You can see

how interested Andrew is in this topic.

Coulson and Daisy take off in

Zephyr One to pick up
Rosalind who has set Coulson up as an ATCU consultant so
he can speak to the
president at NORAD during a
summit about the emergence of
powered people. Daisy is not happy when she
finds out that she will be giving

Rosalind the tour. Of course they begin debating the morality of what the
is doing with captured
Inhumans. Daisy gets frustrated because the conversation
doesn’t go her
way, and Rosalind actually makes
some good

Meanwhile, May is trying to figure out what Werner
Von Strucker
told her about
her ex husband means. Being out of the loop, she had no idea that
a monster
was killing Inhumans until Bobbi
mentions it. May immediately begins
to investigate to see if there is any
possibility that Andrew could be
monster. She learns that it’s true and sets out to track down Andrew.
mentions that he is at
an off-site training facility counseling Joey and May
heads out. Lincoln has
figured out that Lash must be a
SHIELD Operative and
meets with Mack to explain his theory. They meet up
with Zephyr One, and all the

pieces fall into place. They realize that not only is Andrew Lash, he’s
taken May.

confronts Andrew with SHIELD, the ATCU, and Lincoln
all there for backup and
a battle ensues. This is
probably the most action-
packed fight of the season to this point. Lash just
dominates everyone until May

stands in his way. She talks him down from his rage and then shoots him. He

falls into the containment
unit and is put out cold before he can fully turn
back into Lash. This is a
great emotional episode for May.
Ming Na Wen plays it
really well, too.

The episode ends with a bit of
a double twist, or more

accurately, two twists. Ward is meeting with Gideon Malick, and in another
than passionate speech,
mentions he wants to kill Coulson to cut the head off of
SHIELD. Malick
takes a phone call and it’s from
Rosalind. It turns out that
NORAD was a set up, and she promises to deliver
Coulson soon. I’ve got to say,

I didn’t see that one coming. Then the camera pans over and you see Coulson

enter the room. He had
clearly spent the night at Rosalind’s place and they
were now bantering
about breakfast. I may owe Daisy an
apology. Turns out she
was right to be wary of Coulson’s relationship with
the ATCU director all


This episode had very good action, good character development,

great execution, and good
storyline development. I give Chaos Theory an
A. I can’t wait to see
where Agent May’s character
goes from here.

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