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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Darkness and the Light’

The Flash Recap ‘The Darkness and the Light’

He’s ba-ack.

Team Flash deals with the fact that Wells-2 has come through the breach in search of the Flash. They all despise Wells, for good reasons, and don’t know how to handle this alternate version (who Cisco has taken to calling Harry). In the opening scene, Harry and Jay have a verbal fight over Zoom and the creation of metahumans. When they come face-to-face later on in the episode, Harry calls him a coward and Jay punches him. Harry believes that Barry is the only one who can stop Zoom, and that is why he came through the breach. He is going to help Barry defeat what he created.

The villain this week is Dr. Light, who, on Earth-2, was nothing more than a thief. Jay insists that Barry can talk to her because she is not a killer, but, when Barry tries, he is shocked to discover that Dr. Light is none other than Barry’s ex-girlfriend, Linda Park. Barry hesitates and Linda-2 gets away, and then decides to go after her doppelgänger. While trying to kill Linda, Dr. Light ends up killing her boss. She flees the scene as this was the first life she has ever taken. Barry decides to give Harry the benefit of the doubt and gets help on how to stop Dr. Light. After creating a Speed Mirage (like we saw Reverse Flash do in season on), Barry takes her in and she is placed in the Pipeline. Team Flash will try and use Dr. Light to lure Zoom out.

This episode was really big on character development as each member of the team deals with their Wells demons. Cisco especially deals with his inner conflict and ends up telling the others about his powers (after being outed by Harry and his convenient metahuman-alert watch). At the end of the episode, he is given the alter ego Vibe by Barry and Caitlin, so he is one step closer to being like his comics counterpart.

Barry and Patty continue to be puppy-love awkward around each other and he finally asks her out on a date. During his first encounter with Dr. Light, Barry is blinded and hasn’t healed by the time he is supposed to meet Patty. Blind Barry is incredibly
adorable and I wish that the damage had lasted longer just because of how funny it was. Grant Gustin’s acting continues to blow me away.

Caitlin and Jay get even closer, and almost kiss, but Dr. Light flips the van they are doing surveillance in. I figured that their
relationship would head in this direction, but wonder what will happen if 1) Jay goes back to Earth-2 or 2) Ronnie is still alive. They did get married after all.

A big hint toward what’s to come is something that Harry says after Barry’s first encounter with Dr. Light; “…before Zoom sends some else from your life.” Zoom somehow knew that seeing Linda-2 would catch Barry off-guard. So Zoom might continue to send people that will make Barry hesitate. Maybe this is where we will see the first full appearance of Killer Frost. I can’t wait to see who else gets an evil transformation.

The other question that comes out of this episode is, how does Zoom know so much about Barry? There are three possible explanations. At the end of the episode, we see that Zoom is holding Harry’s daughter captive (yes, Earth-2 Wells has a daughter). Zoom may have someone else in his prison: Ronnie Raymond. Ronnie doesn’t know everything about Barry, but he would have enough information to help Zoom do some damage. The second explanation is there is someone on the inside acting as an informant: Patty Spivot. She shows up and knows A LOT about Barry and his work. She is getting closer and closer to him and Barry would be devastated if someone else he really cared about ended up being a liar. The third possibility is that Earth-2 Cisco is Zoom. I’ve written before about Cisco only having vibes that correspond with something he has previously experienced (even in another timeline). His powers seem to be developing past that now, but there is another aspect of his power from the comics that was confirmed in this episode. Zoom took Jay’s powers, absorbed them into his own. In the comics, Vibe can disrupt the Speed Force and render Flash powerless.

The next episode is titled “Enter Zoom” and I am super excited to see what’s coming. It airs on November 10th on The CW.

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