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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Brian Finch’s Black Ops’

Thinking he was going to pull a Ferris Bueller and take the day off, Brian calls in sick.

Unfortunately, his plan is foiled when he is kidnapped. Or so he thinks.

When he wakes, his captors (the CIA) tells him that he is going to work for them. They know all about him and the science experiment but he can’t know about them. He is going to help track down Aleksey Basayev, who is hiding out in the woods.

It turns out that the bureau gave them permission to utilize Brian. However, the signature was not authorized. Brian shouldn’t be out there.

Brian finds a stream where he believes Aleksey is likely to hide and they follow it until they come to a camp. Then they wait.

Once nightfall hits, Brian takes another pill and the team makes their move. And they capture
Aleksey. But something is fishy about the situation. The team doesn’t mind if Brian sticks around during the interrogation, maybe because they don’t know that Brian knows a little Russian. The team plans to kill Aleksey.

Brian has a dilemma. He talks to Cameron to try to get him to do the right thing. How do they keep
Aleksey alive?

Carla tells Rebecca that Aleksey is not a terrorist but has a $10 million bounty on his head.

Cameron then betrays Brian and kills Rooney, revealing that they are going to sell Aleksey.

Brian’s subconscious tells him to use the other NZT pill to kill the men. So Brian tells Cameron that Abe doesn’t need him and he should kill him him while he has the chance.

When the team gets a call from headquarters, Brian is able to subtly tell Rebecca where they are located. After the call, Cameron shoots Abe and Aleksey kills Cameron. This scares the hell out
of Brian.

Aleksey actually speaks English, surprise! And he wants the pill. Brian explains that it is poisoned but Aleksey takes it anyway. They go their separate ways.

Back at headquarters, Brian is safe and explains the situation. That was one hell of a day off.


Aleksey didn’t die from the pill, he hallucinates and ends up on a school bus. I guess Brian didn’t pay enough attention to the poison plants lesson at camp.

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