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Heroes: Reborn, “June 13th, Part Two” Preview

CLAIRE’S DEAD. Okay, with
that out of the way, what can we look
forward to with the second part of the
“June 13th” arc?

we haven’t
seen the last of ‘Future’ Noah acting up in this timeline. He
seemed to be
gunning for Erica
Kravid because…fate(?). Not only that, but ‘Present’ Noah is
at the same
hospital too. Will their paths
cross? Will the world explode? Find
out, on the next episode of DRAGON
BA…ahem, Heroes:


Second, there’s only a couple things missing from the
part of the “June 13th”
arc- specifically Carlos and Farah. Both of them are
name, recurring
characters in the series, and virtually
everyone except
, showed up in Part One. I bet they’ll show up in

Third, I can’t imagine we won’t see Tommy/Nathan again.
is clearly in the past, so how
else is ‘Future’ Noah supposed to get back?
I bet his power is somehow
related to Hiro’s teleportation power-
perhaps it’s
even able for him to travel in time. I’m sure we’ll find out in

Part Two!

Finally, it
makes me a little sad that it took this long for
the series to pick up.
Before “June 13th Part One”, even
Noah’s storyline was a
little boring. Luke’s personal journey was
interesting, but he wasn’t a part of

the main force driving forward until he met up with Malina. Makes me feel
it won’t be picked up for
a second season, and to be honest, I kind of hope they
let it die. It just
doesn’t have what it takes anymore
to become more than any
other superhero series.

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