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‘Arrow’ Preview ‘Haunted’

Arrow fans are
certainly in for a real treat, as Stephen
Amell and several studio photos have shown us that John
Constantine will be
coming to Arrow! Matt Ryan
takes up his role as the
character John Constantine once more, and he will
be bringing his sorcery and

snarky sense of humor along with him.

Several Constantine fans had
disappointed by NBC’s
cancelation of the show, but are ecstatic that the
character will be
appearing once more. His mission, is to
restore Sara Lance’s
soul, following her resurrection of the Lazarus Pit.
Several Photos have been

released of Constantine performing the actual resurrection ceremony, but
photos have
been released
showing that Constantine
knows much about the Lazarus Pit
itself. Could he also be the cure
to saving the
Lazarus Pit, along with Sara Lance’s soul? It will certainly
be exciting to see
how Oliver
and Constantine met, and it seems they were on a personal

is certainly going to be an
interesting conversation between
Laurel, Thea and Oliver when Oliver
discovers that Sara is out and running

around in Star City, blood-thirsty for murder. It is shown to us that at one

point, Sara is seen circling
Thea’s hospital bed. Thea is the one who killed
Sara, and we’ve learned that
the only way to stop the blood-
thirst created by
the Lazarus Pit, is to hurt the one who hurt you. Things
may certainly be quite
on Team Arrow this week, and everyone just starting trusting each other


‘Haunted’ most
certainly looks promising, and fans of Sara and
Constantine can expect many
great things to come out of this
episode; hopefully
it all ends well for everyone.

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