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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Preview ‘Room Service’

Has room service ever seemed like a creepy concept to you? If not, it might after you check out the preview for the next AHS episode.

John is just aching to get closer to the truth of the Cortez. Undeterred by his Devil’s Night dinner with Mr. March, he pleads to have the building’s history and contents investigated.

Meanwhile, the Countess looks to be ready for some serious action. In addition to putting two hallway lurkers out of their misery, she also has long-standing rival Ramona to watch out for.

With Donovan in tow, Ramona now also has to worry about newly infected Iris blowing her plans to get revenge on the Countess. Iris, on the other hand, is petrified that the Countess will have little trouble sniffing her out.

And Alex, who is also newly infected, seems worn down by her new bloodthirst. As Alex attempts to put Anti-Vaxxing Mom at ease, we see her wither as the thirst for fresh blood comes between her and her profession.

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