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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘The Darkness and the Light’

The Flash Preview ‘The Darkness and the Light’

In the next episode of The Flash, “The Darkness and the Light,” we will finally get a better understanding of Zoom. We will also see the introduction of Dr. Light and Kendra Saunders, who will soon become Hawkgirl.

Wells-2 admits that he came through the breach in order to find the Flash. He needs him to be the hero he is supposed to be and defeat Zoom, who has been poisoning Earth-2. The trailer for the episode ends with Wells-2 saying he created Zoom.

The biggest theory I have seen floating around the internet is that Zoom is Barry Allen from Earth-2. This is a possibility since  Earth-2 Flash is Jay Garrick and something I had thought about at one point. Wells-1 technically created Flash Barry, so it is possible that in the alternate timeline this happened and Barry-2 chose to use his powers for evil. I still don’t want to believe that the writers made the easier choice of having Barry-2 be Zoom, but it is still a pretty logical theory. Plus, it would be interesting to see Barry fighting himself. I also think that Grant Gustin would make a great villain.

During the week, Danielle Panabaker revealed an image of herself as the villain Killer Frost. We saw a glimpse of Caitlin’s eventual fate during the season one finale as Barry ran through the Speed Force, and I am personally really excited to see how the show deals with Caitlin’s downfall. That is, if they decide to keep Killer Frost a villain, but, you know, killer is part of her name. In an interview, co-showrunner Greg Berlanti said that they have been laying the foundation for her transformation, but did not reveal anything on when the shift would really take place and her icy powers revealed.

In the next episode, I hope that we get more on Cisco’s powers. Stein told Cisco that he should tell the others before he and Jax left, but I don’t think Cisco will until something bad happens and he has to. Will we perhaps see Cisco in a mask working alongside the Flash in the future? Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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