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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘The Fury of Firestorm’

The Flash Recap ‘The Fury of Firestorm’

This episode is all about trying to find a match for Dr. Stein, the other half of the Firestorm Matrix. The longer Stein goes without a compatible molecular structure, the more unstable he becomes. He is basically a ticking time bomb, and the team delays his reaction long enough to find a match. Two candidates that the team comes across are Henry Hewitt and Jackson “Jax” Jefferson. Both experienced similar reactions to the particle accelerator explosion as Stein and Ronnie. Caitlin likes Hewitt’s stats more (he is also a scientist and basically another Stein), but when they try and merge, it fails. It seems as though they were too compatible.

Meanwhile, Iris sets up a meeting with her mother, and naturally it is a pretty intense scene. Iris tells her mother that she doesn’t want her in her life, and then walks out. Later, her mother goes to Joe and says that she is dying, that’s why she came back to Central City. But is she really telling the truth?

Harrison Wells-2 sneaks out of S.T.A.R. Labs and breaks into Mercury Labs to steal this ray gun thing. Dr. McGee calls Joe and Patty, trying to figure out it is that Wells is back and now walking. Joe makes Patty promise that she will keep this secret from Barry.

Jax finally comes to the lab to see what they want with him, but once they explain Firestorm, he backs out. Caitlin wants to get Hewitt to try again because she thinks that they can get it work and he is at least willing to give it a try. What Team Flash doesn’t know if that Hewitt has some major anger issues. When he and Stein attempted to merge, it jump-started his powers. He’s upset about not being a part of Firestorm and that triggers his own meltdown, similarto Stein’s. Instead of going to Hewitt, Caitlin visits Jax and tells him about Ronnie (in a really great scene), but then Hewitt shows up and ruins everything. Caitlin and Jax narrowly escape.

As Stein heads toward a meltdown, Jax agrees to the merge. And it works! Right as Hewitt is starting to cause even more problems, Flash and Firestorm 2.0 show up and stop him. In the end, Stein and Jax decide to go off and train together and learn even more about the abilities of Firestorm.

Oh my goodness, this episode ends with a bang. Barry is in the middle of his “end of the show monologue,” and you’re totally distracted, when he is grabbed from behind by King Shark, who says, “Zoom wants you dead.” Patty comes out to save Flash, but instead, King Shark gets shot from behind by a mysterious hooded man. Flash goes after his savior and comes face-to-face with Wells-2.

This episode was another step away from the Zoom arc (until the very end), but we now have Firestorm back. The main theme of the episode was to not be afraid of change and take a leap of faith. Jax was hesitant to become Firestorm, but after Caitlin’s superhero pep talk (she’s really good at those), he decides to just go for it. And man, I am loving the dynamic between him and Stein. I’m sad that they’re going to be gone for a while and can’t wait until they come back. I also really like the chemistry between Firestorm and Flash. It looks like Jax is going to be a great addition to the team.

I think we finally have some fairly conclusive evidence that Wells-2 is not Zoom. He just stopped King Shark from killing Flash. If he was Zoom, he would have let it happen. Unless he was once again going to gain Barry’s trust and then use him, but I don’t think so. I think the writer’s are more clever than that.

The other big reveal is that Iris has a brother. This child may or may not be Joe’s as her mother left 8 months before she gave birth. Sounds like a possible affair to me, but the questions as never really answered. Iris’ brother is more than likely Wally West, who, in the comics, is also a speedster. I think that in the weeks to come, Iris is going to go out on her own and find him.

Next week’s episode is called “The Darkness and the Light” and I am excited to see what happens with Barry and Wells-2.

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