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‘Limitless’ Recap’ Side Effects May Include…’

Brian tells Harris everything, even how he got the file. Harris wants to know more. Her and Brian decide to work together to answer her questions.

Nas recruits Harris to work on a team to work on what to do in case of a cyber attack. She has to participate to keep Nas busy while he goes to the rehab facility Harris’s father went to.

He experiences sudden vision and hearing difficulty. Weird.

It turns out he is having NZT side effects and needs another shot. He goes the see Mr. Sands. He
refuses unless Brian gets Harris to stop looking for information on NZT. He suggests plant the files on Harris so she gets framed for taking them.

Brian says no, but in a couple days, when the side effects become more intense, will he cave?

Here’s the catch 22: if he takes the pill, he gets side effects, but he needs the pill to figure out how to stop the side effects…

He decides to try to go to Senator Morra. He takes a cell phone from Morra’s office and texts him.

Harris goes to visit Brian and he tells her that New Springs is like magic. When the NZT patients leave, they are brand new people. They have also disappeared. A medical company, Ubient, studies neuro enhancers, so maybe they know what happened to Conrad and how to stop the side effects.

Andrew Epperly is the only Ubient doctor who fits the initials AE, but he died in a boating accident not to long ago.

The side effects keep getting worse.

Brian goes to Ubient and asks about Epperly’s human trials and his subjects’ files. But they insist that they don’t know anything about NZT.

He wakes up in a bar next to Mr. Sands. He can’t frame Harris.

He tells Harris that he needs to stop taking NZT, she makes a doctor’s appointment for him and before he goes in, he finds a note in his pocket.

“Epperly not dead.”

The note came from the woman who was at Ubient. Brian meets with her and she says she didn’t know about NZT until the first participant disappeared. She thinks he faked his death.

Brian calls her to go visit a Daniel Kennedy, who is really Andrew Epperly.

Harris is doing well in the exercise and the director wants to meet her. Instead she goes to try to find Epperly.

Epperly greets Harris at the door with a gun, when she says who she is, he reveals that he knew her father. She asks him questions about the NZT side effects. He says he doesn’t know much about them but he knows the side effects didn’t kill them, they just disappeared. Epperly received the NZT formula in an email and used it to try to help his own father. Yes, he did run trials, but to help people, not hurt them.

Brian wakes up on a roof with Morra standing over him. Morra gave him a shot. He knew Brian wouldn’t frame Harris, he just needed to know Brian’s limits, and that he is trustworthy.

Morra reveals a rice superfood that can end hunger and save humanity. Morra gives Brian 5 NZT
pills for whatever he wants.

Brian is feeling better and tells Harris to brush off his “weird days” as just a cold, she can’t know that he was having side effects.

Nas calls Harris into her office, presumably about why she canceled her meeting with the director. Nas figured out that she knows about her father and why she would not want a job at the bureau.

Nas wanted Harris to advance to have full clearance so she can see the records of her father. That
is why she put Harris in the exercise. Nas covered for Harris, buying her 48 hours.

Mr. Sands drops off a package Epperly’s hideout and it explodes, killing him and the connection to Harris’ father and the NZT trials.

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