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Heroes: Reborn, “June 13th, Part One” Preview

Yes! Time travel! Playing
with butterflies! Noah figuring out his
memory loss! Before I continue, I do
want to say: great way of rocking
mullet Hiro.What can we look forward to in this episode? We’re
definitely going
to see Mohinder
Suresh, who has periodically been doing voiceovers for some
Whether that’s good or not, who knows.
But at least we’ll get some

We’ll also hopefully know more
about what happened to Claire.

One more thing too- I really think that there’s some time traveling nonsense

that happened with Malina
and Tommy. There’s too much coincidence occurring with
them. Harris was
looking for a baby with Farah, but
the only person she’s been
with in years has been Malina. Tommy’s picture is
the person that Malina is

supposed to save the world with. Tommy himself was told that he is supposed

to help save the world. Could
they be related to Claire? I’m sure we’ll get an
answer soon.

note about the whole season. I
almost feel like “June
13th Part One” is a nexus. Imagine a sideways
hourglass with flat ends. That’s
I feel the storylines have gone. They narrowed the story with character

deaths and disappearances, and once
Noah gets back to the “regular” time period,
it’ll explode wide again. Also,
I really think it’ll narrow
again, but we’ll
see how everything goes.

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