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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Preview ‘Devil’s Night’

Halloween is upon us and every AHS fan knows what that means: all hell’s going to break loose. And if the preview for next week’s Halloween episode is to be believed, it certainly will.

For some inexplicable reason, our protagonist John has been invited to Mr. March’s annual Devil’s Night dinner. But John isn’t the only guest. In fact, some of the most well known killers in history will also be gracing the Cortez with their presence.

Is Mr. March trying to help John understand the purpose of the Cortez? Are these killers hoping to make John part of the team? There’s no doubt that John’s mental state is questionably unstable. I wonder what this particular event will mean for the arc of his character. Let’s hope he keeps it together long enough to see his investigation through to the end.

Meanwhile, Alex gets bold and quizzes the Countess about what exactly has happened to Holden. Strangely enough, the Countess seems completely perfectly prepared to answer her pressing questions which could mean Alex (and the rest of us) will finally be getting some straight answers.

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