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Heroes: Reborn, “Game Over” Recap

Man, complaining about
destiny really bit me in the butt, didn’t it?
The coolest thing to come from
this episode is the most
interesting character
teaming up with the least interesting character. Luke
will hopefully bring some

light to the darkness that is Malina’s extremely boring storyline. Beyond
what other awesome things

Thing number one: We’ve got to talk
about how the Miko
& Ren storyline flowed into
bringing Hiro back. It was
more than a little obvious that Hiro was the one
that Miko needed to save in the

game once they started talking about “The Master of Time and Space”. How

they brought him into the
series, well that hurt a little bit. I really enjoyed
Miko’s character,
despite how stupid her martial arts
skills looked. Well, at
least some good came from it. Now we know where
he’s been all this


Thing number two: Tommy don’t take no crap. When he wants to go
Paris, he goes to Paris.
When he wants to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower, HE
GOES…to a boat on
the river to escape the military. I
tell you what, I really
want him to just turn into a bad guy. Turn to the
dark side,

number three: they killed Quentin! Not just that, but his
own sister killed
him. Something I really liked was
actually how Phoebe’s power
reminded me of The Darkness (from video games
and comic books). Now Noah’s going

back in time with Hiro. We already know that Quentin was around then, so
to hoping they bring him
back in some way. Other than that, great way to end an

a note about this season; I
mentioned it a couple of
articles ago but they’re really forcing a lot of
popular issues into this

season. It happens through dialogue and what not, but it’s just terribly

distracting to me. A couple of
the most annoying things include Taylor calling
her mom a bigot and then
Tommy talking about how they
shouldn’t judge him
because he’s different, and the whole government
regulation of Evos and such.
it’s appropriate, but I wish they would’ve either used it more throughout so

it didn’t stick out like a sore
thumb. Because that subject matter isn’t
consistently used in every episode,
it really looks more like they
shoved it in,
rather than weaved it into the overall story.

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