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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Restoration’

“Okay, I know that was
kind of a bust but wasn’t it fun having
the original Team Arrow back

-Felicity Smoak,


Original Team Arrow is in the house!

conclusion of last week,
when Laurel and Thea disclosed that they were going
away for a ‘spa
weekend’, fans of Arrow began
writing blogs, tweeting
and even making ‘Fan Art’ for Stephen Amell’s Fan
Art Friday about how excited

they were to have the ‘original team Arrow’ back. Oliver, Diggle and
It was a perfect start to
the episode. The original three and chasing down the
‘Ghosts’? As Felicity
puts it, it felt like old

Not only did we
get to see the original Team Arrow back
together, but we also got to see Diggle

and Oliver’s brotherly relationship to come to life again… especially
after we
saw Felicity lay down
the law for the two of them. (Nice work, Felicity!)
Finally, we see that the
two of them are setting their
differences aside and are
coming back together again. We understand why
Diggle was mad at Oliver, but come

one, it was months ago. Regarless, it is awesome to see the two of them
to work together again.
Oliver did take a bullet for Diggle, after all. (Well, a
meta-human card
that acted as a bullet).

got more of a peek into this
seasons flashback secret, where Oliver may have
lost his long island-man hair,

but he still has not lost his sense of humanity. Oliver has been sent by
Waller to infiltrate the
operations that are going on at Lian Yu. Even though we
do not know what the
exact plans are, we do see that
the militants there are
forcing civilians to farm a product. A drug. The
last time we saw Lian Yu, over
year ago, it was seemingly deserted with the exception of Ivo’s men, and the

original Lian Yu team. So, when
did all these other people get there? How long
have they been there? Aside
from farming a drug, what else are
they doing there?
There are many questions to be answered, which we can all
look forward to this
We do know that Oliver may have taken liking to a certain prisoner in

particular. Hmm. Perhaps a past love
interest for Oliver?

It is too early
to predict the direction the
flashbacks are going, but fans can
only hope that
they are more excitable than the flashbacks from Season 3. So
far, it is already
off to a
good start!

We see our second meta-human on Arrow, a
called ‘Double-Down’ who can turn
his card tattoos into deadly weapons.
He certainly impressed Damian Darhk
with his abilities, and he was won
over by
viewers as well. With several references made to Central City, it
seems as
though we can
certainly expect to see a crossover with The Flash sometime
in our
future. Although it ended with
‘Double Down’ in a meta cell in Central
City, he certainly left an
impression on viewers. A great one. We can
only hope
that the next meta that comes to Arrow matches ‘Double
standards. He really did
wow the audience.

“This demonstration was for
you, Mr. Tell. Just
in case you have any doubt as to
how I process

-Damian Darhk,

Okay. So we have
that not only is Damian Darhk a super-villain. He’s a super, super-
Yes, we learned that after last
week that he apparently has lines he
refuses to cross, but he is clearly
without a doubt, ruthless. He does
not like
disappointment, in fact, he won’t tolerate it. Neal McDonough’s
name has been
all over Arrow
blogs, FaceBook and Twitter posts, raving about how awesome he is
capturing the character of Damian Darhk,
and what he brings to the show. He
ruthlessly murdered Miss Fayad in front
of Double Down with Double Down’s
weapon. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. There is no mercy when
it comes
to Damian Darhk. We
can certainly expect amazing events to unfold in regards to
this season’s

The main event of
the episode “Restoration” was
the resurrection of Sara Lance, The Canary.
After Malcolm ordered Sara to be

restored, so that Thea’s conscience could be at peace, a wave of emotions
through everyone. It was
clear that after viewers witnessed Thea rising from the
pit, there were
going to be issues with Sara. Sara
arose from the pit, but she
wasn’t exactly Sara when she did. Pit Sara, just
like Thea, was out for blood.

In particular, Thea’s blood. We can expect parts of Sara to slowly come
but can we completely trust
her? Especially around Thea? Malcolm may have
ordered the hit, but Thea was
the one who committed the


Regardless, even if it does take a turn for the worse and Sara

does get revenge on Thea,
there will be no coming back. Nyssa destroyed the pit,
and now it can never
be used again; and judging by the
look on Malcolm’s face,
he is not happy about it.

Now that Sara
really is back, we can only

wonder… what is Oliver going to do when he finds out? Will Sara’s return

jeopardize the team’s safety?
The events that are unfolding this season have, so
far, only gotten even
more exciting. One can only look
forward to what is coming

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