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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Family of Rogues’

The Flash Recap ‘Family of Rogues’

This episode starts off light- hearted (it was nice to have happy Barry back), but then quickly gets really emotional. There are some fantastic scenes from Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, and guest star Peyton List.

Team Flash try and figure out how it can pass through the wormhole breach that is conveniently in S.T.A.R. Labs. Jay spends the majority of the episode working on a speed cannon that will help the team move through the breach and get him home.

The main focus of this episode is on the Snart family. Lisa comes to Cisco looking for his and the Flash’s help. Looks like papa Snart (Lewis) is out of Iron Heights and Lenny is working with him in order to pull off a heist. Lisa doesn’t realize why her brother is helping their abusive father, but it turns out Lewis put a thermite bomb in Lisa, and will detonate it if Leonard doesn’t comply.

As Cisco and Caitlin work to try and get the bomb out of Lisa (thermite reacts with air so they can’t just pull it out), Barry, as the thug “Sam,” volunteers to pull off the heist with Lewis and Leonard.

This episode seriously pulls on the heartstrings because the main theme is family. When Lisa comes clean about the abuse she received, and how Leonard raised her, you can’t help but think of the siblings in a different light. Leonard will always go out of his way to protect his sister and I wonder what’s going to happen later on with that bond as the full Rouge team is developed. This is by far the best Rouges episode to date.

The other family moment deals with Iris’ mother. Iris believes that she is dead, and Jesse L. Martin kills it when he tells her the
truth. Every emotional scene involving Joe is a tear-jerker, but I think this one takes the top prize. It will be interesting to see what happens with the West family moving forward because the character of Wally West is coming sometime this season. So Iris has a brother? And for those that haven’t read the comics, Wally is also a speedster.

The episode ends with the success of Jay’s speed cannon. He is about to go through when Caitlin persuades him to stay and help with the other metahumans Zoom might send their way. They have a really great scene during the episode. Jay misses having his powers and thinks that he can’t be a hero without them, but Caitlin says that Jay Garrick physicist is just as much of a hero as Jay Garrick Flash.

While they are standing at the cannon, Stein has another freak out, this time bursting into blue flames before collapsing. So there is definitely some Firestorm issues. The last shot of the episode is Harrison Wells-2 coming through the breach. I still don’t think that Wells-2 is Zoom because Zoom has been going through the breaches already, so why would he need to come through the one in S.T.A.R. Labs when his metahumans are doing all the dirty work? Still, Barry is going to have a really bad day when he and Wells-2 meet.

This episode did more on the character development side of things and didn’t play too much into the Zoom plot. Usually the Rouges episodes don’t lend to the overall season and they usually bothered me, but this one, like I said before, is the best. It did not feel too much like a “filler episode” because there was such deep character development to characters other than Barry. I also really liked the relationships between Cisco and Lisa, Caitlin and Jay, and Barry and Leonard. The first two are being set up to possibly lead to romance, but I like their character dynamics nonetheless.

The next episode is called “The Fury of Firestorm” so we will finally get more on what’s been going on with Stein. The episode airs on October 27th.

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