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‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Recap ‘Devils You Know’

Episode four opens with a
couple Inhumans in hiding, living a normal
life. One of Alicia’s body
double’s shows up and Lash is right
behind her.
Lash kills them and Alicia prime feels the whole thing from a
SHIELD quinjet.
Daisy and Mack
go after him while Bobbie and Fitz work the crime scene. Daisy
and Mack are
surprised when they run into the
ATCU and Coulson while they are
hunting for Lash. Rosalind figures out that
some of the Inhumans were around

before the fish oil accident, and she has another fun conversation with
I like the chemistry
that is developing between these two. Will they become
friends or remain
enemies? I hope they don’t answer
that question for a while.
We get some more Ward boring monologue about
tearing down SHIELD, blah, blah,

blah. I’m not really buying Ward as the wanna be Hydra head honcho, and his

character is starting to
interest me less and less.

Coulson decides to
share the info they
found about the email the dead
Inhumans received with the
ATCU, much to the dismay of Daisy and Bobbi,
while Andrew counsels Simmons about

her time on the alien world. She is clearly not over the event and doesn’t
to think the event is
over. She actually wants to go back for some reason, and
we’re left to
wonder why. While Coulson and Andrew
are discussing the
implications, May shows up to brief Coulson on Hunter and
to try to get some
During this conversation, we find out that it was Andrew that left May.
think this is a huge revelation,
and puts her extended leave into a different

traces the email to a government
employee named Dwight
Frye, and they team up with the ATCU to go after him.
Once again, Daisy is not
happy with this decision. I think Daisy is overreacting here. She’s been

through a lot with Coulson and
thinks of him as a father figure. She needs to
trust him on this. Leading up
to Frye’s takedown, we get some
more fun banter
between Coulson and Rosalind. Frye it turns out is allergic
to other Inhumans
After they
apprehend him they learn the monster’s name is Lash. Coulson
finagles an
invitation for Daisy and Mack to
travel with the ATCU and Frye back
to their base, but Lash attacks the van,
killing Frye, but sparing Daisy.
he’s leaving, a semi-conscious Daisy can see his shadow shift from
monster form
to a regular

Hunter finally gets invited to Hydra where he and May
have a
showdown with Ward and his men.
Ward tells Hunter and May to let him go
or his men will kill Andrew who they
have surrounded at a convenient
Hunter goes after him anyway and manages to shoot him in the
shoulder, but Ward
gets away and his
men take out Andrew. Werner is seen leaving the confrontation
right before
the store blows up, and he is
really freaked out. I’m looking
forward to the friction Hunter’s decision
will cause between him and May as
move forward.

This episode had very good action, great character

development, great execution,
and good movement along several of the storylines.
I give Devils You Know a
solid A- It would have
been an
A, but Ward’s character is just getting on my
nerves this
season. I hope he
becomes interesting soon.

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