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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Personality Crisis’

Brian made himself a video about why he shouldn’t tell Harris anything. He wants to tell Harris about her father but he can’t because then she would want to know how he got the information. And if he tells her, he’ll end up in prison.

Brian, Harris and Boyle got to find a meth lab. Brian’s job is to stay in the van and track cell phones and drink cranberry juice.

When he goes in to pee, he hears an explosion and finds a kid trying to run out of the building. While he is recalling Enter Dragon for fighting techniques, the kid punches him and the muscle guys pin him to the ground.

Nas assigns Brian to swat defense training under Rooks. Christopher Garper claims to have followed his brother, Sam, into the building. He asked to see Brian for interrogation. He wants to apologize. He ran because he got freaked out by the explosion. He doesn’t know where Sam is but he knows that Sam wouldn’t kill anyone. Chris wants Brian to help Sam. Chris tells Brian the whole story and he believes every word.

Brian asks about the art gallery and Harris admits that she is curious about her father and that she got some closure.

Brian made himself another video and finds himself really annoying on when on NZT.

“We’ve noticed.”-Ike

Brian’s first defense lesson goes well and Harris shows Brian Sam’s email account. It leads
them to a hospital in Queens. They enter a radioactive room full of cancer treatment supplies to
find the seal broken on one of the tubs. Is Sam building a bomb? Security footage places Sam in that wing.

Nas wants Brian to talk to Chris to tell him about Sam. Chris is crushed, he doesn’t believe that Sam would do this. Brian gives Chris his number in case he wants to talk.

“I don’t even know my own brother, man.”- Chris to Brian.

Rooks shows up to Harris’s apartment and they kiss? They are dating. That was a well-kept secret,
I didn’t see it coming.

Brian calls Mr. Sands to his apartment, he wants to know what happened to Harris’s father. This inquiry almost gets Brian kicked off of Harris’s team.

Chris shows up at Brian’s and claims to know where Sam is. Sam told him to grab a bag and wait for his call. Chris feels guilty that Sam gave up everything to make sure he was taken care of and to show thanks, he is turning Sam in. Brian manages to make prison sound like it’ll take good care of Sam, that he’ll get his diploma and be successful. Chris believes him.

Chris gets the call, they go to the park and they wait for Sam to show up. Chris passes off the bag and Sam assures Chris that everything will work but Chris blows the cops’ cover. The team manages to catch Sam but not Alan. Alan holds a gun at the team he takes a shot at Chris. Boyle gets him with
3. You can’t take a swat team by yourself.

Brian tells Harris that he knows about her and Rooks. She trusts Brian not to say anything to HR.

Chris dies in surgery and Brian is crushed. Brian saved thousands of lives, but that doesn’t matter
because he lost Chris.

Brian makes a copy of Conrad Harris’s file and gives it to Harris.

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