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‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap ‘The Broken Kingdom’

For a show
that says its foundation is the stories
spends an awful lot of time on
relationships between the
characters. Once
Upon a Time
’s reimagining of King Arthur (the
villain), Guinevere (in a love

triangle), Lancelot (a love sick knight), and Merlin (who is still stuck as
freaking tree) is
lackluster for my taste. I understand them having to put a
spin on old tales
but come on, this one is a bit
too far fetched even for my

Rumple catches
Guinevere and Lancelot seeking out

the dagger and in order to stop Arthur in his tracks, she makes a deal with
Which you’ll later see
backfires in her face– quite literally. Have we even
seen a successful
relationship on Once Upon a
in the five seasons
it’s been on the air? Sure, they make it a
point to have Rumple and Belle and

David and Mary Margaret in a long-running committed relationship. But,

everything else is merely
chemistry, banter and a series of people with heart
eyes. The only
relationship I think that has been well-
developed and plausible
would be Regina and Emma. From the moment these two
met each other it’s been a

struggle for power, friendship and Henry’s heart. But over time the
between the two and the
budding friendship was in my opinion the most
entertaining part of the show.
Emma and Regina aside, I’m happy
to see Ginnifer
Goodwin back in action, her doing her best Evil Queen
impression remains a
highlight of
the series, for me.

Back to Bad Arthur who is
going to
extreme lengths to secure his
place at Camelot’s leader– he wants the
rest of Excalibur and he’ll do
anything to get it. Even if it means
forcing his
wife to stay by his side when really doesn’t believe in his
vision and would
much rather be
in Lancelot’s arms. Come on, it was so annoying to see him blow
that sand in
her and make him his obedient
wife. Oh and did we mention after
finding out that Regina isn’t the Savior,
Arthur brainwashes David and
to do his bidding! OUAT sometimes has trouble with drawing the line
with abusive
manipulative relationships. ::cough:: Hook and Emma ::cough:: Yes Hook is

dreamy, but it doesn’t give him a
right to think he’s God’s gift to women– how
about you get to know the
person and treat them like a human
being not just a
prize. And don’t even get me started on Merida, she could
have been a great
asset to the
show (again, there’s so many new characters why do they keep doing
this to
us)… but she is just coming up
flat for me. She went and got her heart
ripped out and is being used by the
Dark One… and to be honest, I
wanted to like
her but I’m just not feeling it!

Overall, the
inconsistencies on this
show are too much to address for every episode, but at
this point I just
want things to make sense! What ever
happened to Mulan and her
love for Aurora? How was Gold able to go back
between worlds when the whole town

was frozen for 30 years? How about you let Guinevere cheat on Arthur instead
being his random ploy at
his manly dreams. Actions need to have consequences and
there’s no real
follow through with people’s
decisions on this show these

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