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Heroes: Reborn, “Game Over” Preview

Well, we finally have an
answer! In one week, the world will end. Too
bad I couldn’t make money off
that prediction. Before I preview
Episode 6, “Game
Over”, I want to bring up something that might ruin this
season for you: the
whole solar
radiation devastating the Earth because the magnetic poles shift
plot line?
Yeah, have you heard of
Assassin’s Creed 3?

with that out of the way I’d like
to talk a bit about what we
might see in
“Game Over”. HIRO NAKAMURA! That is going to be so awesome.
Maybe we’ll finally
find out what
happened on June 13th…and I feel like we will because there’s a two
episode called “June 13th” that
happens after “Game Over”. How they
reintroduce his character will no doubt
be pretty deus ex machina though,

because there’s no way to write a time traveler without making them


The next thing I
hope we see is what happens with Luke and
Malina. I saw a clip that was
released where the two actually met
up, so fingers
crossed Luke’s involvement in Malina’s storyline really makes
up for it’s lack
of interest

Finally, I want to talk about the storylines and
how it
might flow into the finale. When the
season started you had Tommy, Noah
& Quentin, Ren & Miko, Malina
& Farah, and Luke & Joanne.
I feel
before the end most of these heroes will either be dead or fighting
each other as the sun
burns the Earth to a crisp as Malina tries to save

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