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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Preview ‘Mommy’


Angela Basset is back! And she’s taking Donovan hostage in next week’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel. Assisting her in this vampire-napping excursion is a taser gun and a blood draining contraption. Will Donovan survive it? We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Sally and John look to be getting quite cozy. We even hear Sally explain that they’re “meant to me.” Is it true love? Ghostly obsession? Or just a secondary addiction to love?

Dumb-as-rocks model Tristan meets the ever creepy Mr. March this episode as well. Impressed with Tristan’s knowledge of his past, Mr. March asks how he knows so much to which Tristan quips, “I Googled you.”

If I had to guess, I’d say this episode is all about pairing up: Angela’s character and Donovan, Sally and John, Tristan and Mr. March. What all these teams are up to is a mystery at this point, but there’s no doubt we AHS fans are in for a thrill.

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