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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘The Candidate’

“It’s going to be
different this time,”

Yeah, sure. Well, ‘cause you got
a new name now, right? With a
color. Green

-Captain Lance to Oliver Queen,

said it.
He’s back, and this time things really are going to be different. It is
new era in Star City, the era of
the Green Arrow.

Episode 2, titled
‘The Candidate” was nothing short
of thrilling, especially with the
scene after the introduction showed Team Arrow in action. The
fighting sequences
may have been
brief, but they were nonetheless extremely thrilling. This brief
shows viewers that the stunt
coordinators, directors and actors have a
lot to bring us this season.
Something tells me it is going to be a
exciting year for us Arrow fans.

We were then thrown
into a
flashback, where we
learn that Amanda Waller is back, and she certainly has big
plans for
Oliver. Plans that he reluctantly is
taking a part of, but then again
he doesn’t exactly have a choice. We know
one thing for sure, he is back on
Yu, where it all started, and he’s not alone.

Felicity is now
the CEO of
Palmer Technologies,
and despite her fellow board members thoughts and maybe
even her own self
doubts, she is determined to keep
Ray’s legacy alive. We
learned that even though Felicity holds ideals that
Ray Palmer set preciously,
knows that she is in trouble. (Even though she doesn’t have a business

degree). Despite this, we see that
this is not the same, fragile Felicity that
we have grown accustomed to
seeing. We see that even though she
struggles, she
refuses to falter. This shows us that we can expect to see a
much stronger, more
Felicity Smoak this season. How exciting!

After a failed
assault on
the Jessica Danforth, we learn the
name of our sub-par villain
(referred to as ‘Mr. Creepy’ by Felicity) Lonnie
Machin, and we also see that he

is partnered up with Damian Darhk. Well, he is at least attempting to. Even

though we saw how ruthless
Mr. Darhk could be in Episode 1, he mentions that he
has a set of rules. He
respects order and discipline. A
super-villain who has
lines? It seems almost unheard of. Yes, he may be the
most evil man that Oliver

will ever face, but he is very different from the past villains we have seen
Arrow. Hmm. Merlyn or
Slade would certainly have praised a hopeful recruit for
kidnapping an
innocent girl to put a city on halt.
Slade did it himself in
Season 2 when he kidnapped Thea to disrupt Moira
Queen’s election. Which brings

up the question, what kind of villain is Damian Darhk, really? A villain who

claims an abduction ‘lacks
taste’? Interesting. We can certainly look forward to
some more twists with
Mr. Darhk.

We are then
exposed to Thea, who is
seemingly completely losing control over her own
actions. First, she attempts to

cripple a innocent man for information and then, she nearly loses control
her own brother. Oliver
finally revealed that what Thea is experiencing is more
than likely a side
affect of her being saved by the
Lazarus Pit. Well, at least
they thought she was saved. With Thea going pit
crazy, we can only wonder how

this is going to affect Team Arrow in the long run. If she was moments away
killing her own brother
when he attempted to show her a fighting demonstration,
who knows what could
happen if she loses control out
in a real

Captain Lance finds himself in trouble once more,
unable to break
his supposed
‘contract’ with Damian, who subtly threatens Laurel if Captain
Lance tries
to walk away. The question is
raised: What the heck is Lance doing
messing around with Damian Darhk? How
did he get involved with a villain
such as
Darhk in the first place? It is certainly something to look forward
to this

episode concludes with Machin escaping and murdering the
paramedics, who
were treating him following his
showdown with Thea and Oliver.
Thea is now torn, after she pretty much
tortured Machin by burning him alive.

Now, under the direction of Laurel, she is journeying with Laurel to Nanda

Parbat, to seek the League’s
help. Thea appears to be very unenthusiastic, but
no one can blame her. Her
father, Malcolm Merlyn, is now
the new Ra’s Al Gul,
and he is the absolute last person that she wants to
see. We can’t blame her, he
the reason as to why she had to be subjected to the pit in the first


However, it is shown to us
that Thea and Laurel are not going back
to Nanda Parbat alone. Laurel has a
plan of her own, to bring back
her sister.
Laurel would do anything to bring her sister back, despite what
she is
witnessing Thea going
through. Only time will tell if Laurel’s decision will
cause the team more
harm rather than good. One pit-
crazed member on the team is
costly enough, if it has similar results, or
worse on Sara, Team Arrow may find

themselves in some hot water. Deadly hot water.

Also, Oliver Queen

discloses to Felicity that he
is going to be running for mayor. We saw what
happened to the last Queen who
attempted to run for mayor, and
we learned that
Damian Darhk wants to see that office remain empty. Either
way, Oliver must
prepare for
the ‘Darhkness’ to enter his life; whether it be as the Green Arrow
or as
Oliver Queen… because whether
Oliver sees it or not, Darhkness is

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