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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Flash of Two Worlds’

The Flash Recap ‘Flash of Two Worlds’

Jay Garrick is the Flash of his world. He was in a fight with Zoom and was about to be killed when the wormhole opened and pulled Jay through. Jay confirms the existence of other worlds and that Atom Smasher from the previous episode was from his timeline. Barry is skeptical of Jay’s story, especially since Jay does not have his powers anymore.

This episode also sees the introduction of Patty Spivot, who wants to join Joe’s anti-metahuman task force. Joe turns her down, but she is persistent. Patty is like a female version of Barry. She is a total nerd and has actually read all of Barry’s forensics reports. Patty decided to be a cop and was passionate about joining Joe’s task force because her father was killed by people who later gained powers. She wants to help stop metahumans that take advantage of their abilities.

The metahuman of the week is called Sand Demon. He can manipulate human cells, which at first the team thought was just sand. Sand Demon is another villain sent by Zoom to kill Barry, and Jay wants to teach Barry how to defeat Sand Demon, but he turns him down. After a talk from Iris and the kidnapping of Patty, Barry relents and Jay teaches him how to shoot bolts of lightning. They then work together to bring down Sand Demon.

Cisco is having more visions and, in order to find Patty, Cisco actually wills himself to have one and figures out where Sand Demon is keeping her. He finally confides in someone else and tells Stein what has been happening to him. Cisco asks Stein not to tell anyone else or run any tests because he does not want to keep having these “vibes”.

At the end of the episode, Cisco and Stein discover all of the breaches that lead to different timelines, Iris’ mother appears, Patty joins the task force, and we get a glimpse of the S.T.A.R. Labs of Earth-2 and their version of Harrison Wells. That’s right, Wells is alive, not in a wheelchair, and called a hero.

I know what everyone is thinking-Wells is Zoom. Though this would make sense as Professor Zoom is another alias of Reverse Flash, but I don’t think he is Zoom. This would be too obvious, and I don’t think the writers would go the obvious route. I think that someone else is the big baddie and that Wells-2 isn’t a metahuman at all.

In regards to Cisco’s developing powers, I have a theory. In season one, Cisco’s visions were of things that had happened to him in a previous timeline. This season he has had three visions, one of Atom Smasher, another of Sand Demon when he and Flash first fought, and a third of Patty being held hostage by Sand Demon. Either Cisco’s powers are chasing and allowing him to view anything he thinks about (since he willed the third vision), or Cisco was able to get a vibe because he was connecting with another version of himself. And who is the only one who has been around both of these villains so far? Zoom.

In the New 52 comics, Cisco Ramon (aka Vibe) is recruited by the Justice League of America to act as a catalyst to the Flash. His powers can cancel out the Speed Force. From what we have seen of Zoom so far, his light trail is blue and his costume looks black (so maybe not just a different form of reverse flash). Zoom is about to kill Jay when the wormhole opened. Jay then appeared on Earth-1 with no powers, and we don’t know why. Were they rendered inert before he was sucked up? Also, why doesn’t Zoom just come and kill Barry? Just my theory.

Next week’s episode is called “Family of Rouges” so expect to see Captain Cold. We should also hopefully get more on why Stein
collapsed, but I think it has something to do with the Firestorm part of him. The episode airs October 20th.

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