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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Page 44’


To fill the void of losing Shauna, Brian begins to hook up with random women. But he grows bored and hopes to find something more fulfilling.

Nas gives Brian access to a confidence case, get gets top secret clearance. Now that’s more like it.

Mao Zhang is in question for possibly selling Intel with his drones. Brian’s first assignment is to go
through Zhang’s garbage. Brian finds measurements on milk cartons and puts them together to form a partial drone. He thinks that Zhang knows he is being watched so he switched up his
delivery method.

Arthur shows up at the headquarters asking for Brian, apparently Brian helped him develop a way to possibly make humans live longer. The mouse, Tithonus, he was testing on was stolen and he thinks his old business partner from Claxion took him to steal his ideas.

Mr. Sands shows up at Brian’s apartment and gives him his first job. He has to find out what the FBI knows about NZT and to bring the information to Mr. Sands. He has 3 days.

Brian shirks his duties to get Nas’s fingerprints so he can break into the records.

Harris is confronted by an art dealer, Beth Gunther, who tells her that her dad had some paintings
left and if she wants them, she can have them. She shows Brian after he finds Beth’s business
card, he convinces Harris to appreciate the artwork because it was her father’s and she love him.

Paul Wilkerman was running in the park when he was stabbed by Arthur. Arthur claims he was set up and that someone planted his fingerprints on the body. Arthur says that if they want to find
the killer, they need to find the mouse.

Brian notices that Paul scratched his attacker, and it wasn’t Arthur. He also finds an email address that he used to communicate with an Alan Carverton. But Brian needs to get rid of Mike and

Ike before he can speak to Carverton.

Brian manages to get into but Tithonus isn’t there and another worker alerts security when she spies him. He released the other mice to buy him some time.

Mr. Sands doesn’t know what’s in the files so how would he know if the files Brian gives him are
real? That way he won’t betray the FBI or commit high treason.

Zhang was caught trying to flee and it turns out that Wilkerman’s will was never finalized so all
of the money goes to his kids, not charity organizations. Wilkerman died before the changes could be finalized.

Mr. Sands knows that the files are fake and wants the real ones. He also reveals that he made Brian’s father sick. Brian now has no choice.

Brian and Harris look through Raymond Dell’s trash to find his DNA. He is the lawyer that not
only stole Tithonus but had control over Wilkerman’s will.

He looks through the files he took and Harris was right, her father did take NZT. Despite helping free Arthur, he doesn’t think he is a good person.

Harris goes to an art gallery where her father’s paintings are on display. She finds a painting he did of her and next to it is a picture of her father.

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