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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Preview ‘Chutes and Ladders’

When it comes to a creeptastic story, Ryan Murphy has never been one to pussy foot around. And now that we’ve gotten acquainted with this season’s heavy hitting characters, it’s time to delve right into it.

As we saw last episode, the Hotel Cortez has a brand new owner and his plans for renovating the place seem like they’ll be well under way soon. But in the teaser for next week, the Countess looks to be worming her way into those plans. We don’t yet know what the Countess’ connection to the hotel is, but I’d bet that she’s more invested in the place than Will Drake will ever be.

Meanwhile, John Lowe is finding himself more and more intrigued by the hotel’s unique allure. He’s not quite sure whether he’s seeing ghosts from his past or just going a bit cuckoo. And next week, he’ll be turning to Iris for answers. By the looks of it, she delivers a story worthy of a flashback that’ll hopefully give us some insight into what the Cortez is all about.

Sally also figures prominently in this promo and it looks like she’s holding a guy hostage in a mattress. Is this a pattern of hers? Was the figure that attacked the Swedish girls last week also one of her mattress hostages? We shall see…

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