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Heroes: Reborn “Under The Mask” Preview

The season opening for
Heroes: Reborn was…interesting. It
really seemed like a compact
season of the original Heroes,
and all that
entails- a massive cast, a secret organization, the doom of the
world in the
hands of people
who are thrust into this fate by destiny. While there
were several things to
enjoy, I was held back by
uninteresting antagonists and a
retread of many themes from the original
Heroes. Unfortunately, I feel

like there is going to be a constant comparison between these two, which may

overshadow some of the best
things about


Going forward, the
biggest thing
I’m interested
to see is how they handle Carlos, the brother of an Evo
vigilante. He’s
taken up the mantle his brother left
behind, but he doesn’t
have the powers his brother had. I think this might
put him down a narrative
similar to Noah Bennet- someone surrounded by superpowers but has none

himself. There’s one more thing I
really want to know: what happened to Claire
Bennet? She was an integral
(arguably THE integral) character of
the original
series, but has yet to show up. I know that Hayden Panettiere
doesn’t appear in
the series,
but I feel her character will cast a long shadow over it


Which takes me to the promo for
“Under the Mask”, the next
episode of Heroes: Reborn. It gave us a
pretty good look at some of the

major themes that the series will tackle, particularly destiny and the
as well as conflicting
takes on what that should mean for people. In regards to
narrative, we catch
a glimpse of Noah Bennet
stroking the head of a body in
a morgue, Tommy teleporting, and some
machine. As for next episode? I really

hope to see some more good ol’ Noah Bennet kicking butt and taking names,
maybe figure out what’s the
deal with that shady organization that took over

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