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Heroes Review

The original Heroes
series was an exciting, comic book-esque
television show from Tim Kring.
It featured a mysterious event
causing multiple
people around the world to unlock their full genetic gifts.
In other worlds, a
bunch of
people got super powers. Some got the run-of-the-mill telekinesis,

telepathy, and the such, while others got
more unique powers; some were able
to predict the future, but only through
paintings, others could absorb and

remove powers from other ‘Heroes’, while a scant few had a power that let
understand virtually
anything- at the expense of coming into a terrible

The first
season focused on Claire Bennett,
a cheerleader in
Texas who could heal from the most damaging injuries. The
phrase, “Save the
save the world,” came into being after Sylar, the main antagonist,
wanted to
understand her power to become
immortal. Having someone who hungered
for understanding and was virtually
immortal wasn’t such a good mix.
They were
joined by Claire’s stepfather, Noah Bennett, as well as her
biological father
and uncle, Nathan
and Peter Petrelli, respectively. Other important characters
include Hiro, a
time-traveling Japanese comic
book fan, ‘The Haitian’, who could
nullify other powers, and Matt Parkman, a
cop who got telepathy. At the
end of
the first season, Peter Petrelli seemingly explodes over New York
after being
flown into the air
by his brother, Nathan.

The second and third season
broaden the scope
of the series, including a
paramilitary, nongovernment
organization simply called ‘The Company”
beginning to take shots against
heroes of the first season, Peter going into the future, seeing terrible

things happen, comes back and tries
to fix it, then it inevitably becomes a
different and worse future, all the
while his family (including
Claire Bennett)
are running into a multitude of obstacles. If the first
season was primarily the
story of
these heroes coming together to ‘save the cheerleader’ and then ‘save
world’, the second and third season
is mostly dominated by a family drama
that plays out through secret
organizations and backroom

fourth and final season of the original series was
basically about two families-

the Petrelli family and their allies, and a carnival troupe of individuals
super powers led by
Samuel Sullivan. The Petrelli family had long been a
supporter of keeping
the powers hidden from the greater
world, and while the
carnies hid their powers in plain sight, their leader
Samuel wanted something
The series ended with Samuel attempting an earthquake in the middle of

Central Park before being restrained,
Sylar redeeming himself (mostly) and
becoming the hero he always wanted to
be, and the attempted earthquake
covered with some story like it always had been before when it came to

superpowers. That is, until
Claire climbs atop a Ferris wheel and jumps to the
ground in front of a lot
of media. This reveals in one
gruesome scene the great
secret that no one wanted the world to

This sets up the beginning

of Heroes: Reborn, set several years after the original series ended.

Some characters are
returning, including Hiro Nakamura, Noah Bennet, and Angela
Petrelli, but
most of the cast are individuals
whose path really began on June
13, a notable event in this new series.

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